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Women Business Coaches Who are Transforming The Business Industry

Women Business Coaches Who are Transforming The Business Industry

Success in business takes a lot of time. The severe competition in whatever niche you are operating in causes a never-ending urge to develop and improve your company‘s business strategies and the knowledge and competence of the leaders you employ. Learning from your own mistakes is a risky strategy as you can be beaten by your competitors in the blink of an eye. Thus, business coaching is of utmost importance. Currently, the number of business coaches worldwide exceeds 50,000. They are very busy helping ambitious entrepreneurs establish purpose-driven and lucrative practices. This article will be about all those women business coaches who are transforming the business industry at the moment. 

Depending on the type of your business, you can choose among these respectable professionals and find the one that fits your needs best.

Taking your business to the next level might not be so overwhelming with the right team of professionals by your side.


Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson is a founder and CEO of Build and Monetize Master’s Program.

She has been helping other coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs build effective business techniques for more than 10 years now.

As a digital marketing expert, Lindsey has written a book, The Click Technique, to help entrepreneurs use the maximal potential of the web, generate new leads, and motivate them to become long-term, satisfied clients.

With her help, you will be able to hone and establish a system that works well enough for your business to provide it with gradual yet continuous progress on a daily basis.


Melinda Emerson

Melinda Emerson is a coach to consult if you are a small business owner eager to reach the greater heights in your chosen niche.

She possesses numerous qualities, diligence and determination being the key ones.

These have steered her path to success so far and helped her to become one of the most influential and competent motivational speakers in the whole world. 

After 20 years of experience in establishing and developing her own small business, Melinda is now a respected expert on developing small businesses.

She runs a blog where she gives advice and helpful tips to more than 3 million entrepreneurs every week. 

Finally, she is a recognized business expert who is worth following on Twitter to always get the latest news, comments, advice, and instructions that might help or be applied in your own business. 

Even contacting and moving your business to a new location may become a good choice when you have a person with proven experience to advise you.


Erin Henrey

Erin May Henrey, the founder of The Game Changer Co, is among those women business coaches who have created their personal coaching empires to pass down the knowledge and experience to early-stage entrepreneurs as well as those young leaders who are making considerable effort to become CEOs.

She comes from Australia, but she is greatly respected worldwide judging by the millions of followers on her YouTube and other social media channels. 

She tries her best to help the new generations of ambitious, strong, and hard-working women build their businesses and turn their visions and goals into reality.

Finally, as a digital entrepreneur, Erin knows and can suggest effective online business strategies to follow to meet the business challenges you have set. Or even go beyond.


Sheri Kaye Hoff

Sheri Kaye Hoff is the right choice among women business coaches for various business professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

She is also the person to consult and ask for opinion or advice if you are a coach or consultant yourself.

Sheri inspires all her clients to orchestrate and conduct serious and comprehensive business endeavors, develop leadership skills, achieve business growth, and reach the quality of life they have always desired.

Finally, she has written several books on business success, innovation, and motivation which you might find interesting and useful regardless of your niche and current career.


Women Business Coaches Who are Transforming The Business Industry


Melissa Dawn

Melissa Dawn is a life and business coach who invests the time, effort, knowledge, and experience in helping entrepreneurs worldwide establish and develop the businesses of their dreams.

She is particularly successful at detecting the right practices to help people transit from their ordinary, everyday jobs into becoming passionate entrepreneurs of a business they enjoy immensely.

As a great majority of contemporary women business coaches, Melissa Dawn is also the author of a book on entrepreneurship which is among the best publications on the topic.


Loren Fogelman

Loren Fogelman is among the top women business coaches in America.

She is a keynote speaker who organizes workshops and talks all over the state.

She specializes in giving advice to small business owners on the best pricing strategies and practices to boost their sales and increase revenues.

What Loren tries to stress in her coaching sessions is the importance of replacing the dollar-per-hour business model with the value-based model. 


Tommi Wolfe

Tommi Wolf is a business leader mostly focused on helping new entrepreneurs gain clients, start and develop their businesses, and keep them sustainable, lucrative, and competitive.

Her accomplishments are the best qualification to put Tommi on the list of the women business coaches who are transforming the business industry.


Lara Galloway

Finally, Lara Galloway is an expert in helping mom entrepreneurs find a balance between running a successful, profitable business, and having a happy, satisfied family not affected by these business endeavors.

She offers solutions to stay-at-home moms to pursue a career they desire, meet all the challenges of the role of a CEO, and still keep pace with their everyday activities at home. 

To all those women who find this idea attractive, Lara offers one-on-one mentorship programs as each person has a unique set of circumstances that require a more personalized approach.

Lara helps mom entrepreneurs prioritize, make important business decisions, and cope with the requirements of both their business and their families. 


Final words

The benefits of hiring a business coach are numerous. 

Learning from other people’s experiences is the most important one as you can avoid making mistakes that could cost you a favorable position among your competitors.

Decide what your priorities are, what you want to achieve, and clearly define the business vision you want to follow.

Then, you can consider contacting some of these women business coaches who are transforming the business industry that suit your needs best.

Remember that having expert assistance is always a win-win situation.  

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