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What Should You Do to Find the Best B2B Content Writer?

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B2B content writing has unexpected nuances than writing for end consumers. You may find writers with expertise in both B2B and B2C markets. However, when it comes to delivering reliable quality for clients whose essential customer base is big organizations, there are specific characteristics that you have to look for in a freelance writer. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for when you’re finding a B2B content writer.

Industry Experience Is Incredibly Valuable

Does the writer’s portfolio mention particular examples of subject matter expertise?

While some freelance writers aren’t a monolith, others adhere to the industries they worked before or still work in or take a “Swiss Army Knife” approach regarding the copywriting they do across different industries. Yet, with regards to finding a B2B content writer, the industrial experience is something you ought to profoundly value if your client base has a more industry-specific interest.

Experience in Writing for the Company Size You Are Targeting

When hiring B2B writers, choose a platform that tells you what size of organization a writer has experience writing for. For example, solo entrepreneurs have drastically unique content needs and audiences than C-suites at Fortune 100 organizations or key employees at rapidly-growing startups.

If your B2B marketing efforts target diverse size companies, you can go with a B2B generalist, yet if your base is small companies that don’t plan to scale a lot, you need to get a writer who is a small business expert.

If your primary audience is decision-makers in bigger associations, writers who understand this hierarchy are your smartest option for successful B2B content.


Incredible B2B writers may depend on their skills for a paycheck, but they’re additionally passionate about the material they cover, and it’s apparent in their work. They’re powered by a natural curiosity, setting aside a lot of effort to research topics to the fullest and deliver copy that not only communicates audience challenges but engages and educates. All things considered, the best performing content is data-rich and delightful to read.


Take time to review numerous samples of the writer’s work deliberately. Or, even better, a whole portfolio. In addition to essentials like structure and grammar, you may focus on their capacity to catch and maintain your attention. A talented, proficient writer can hook readers rapidly and keep them delighted with vivid descriptions and an engaging, natural flow.

How to Make Sure Writers Uphold Brand Standards

Here are three suggestions for guaranteeing your writers keep their message on-brand:

  • Create a style guide
  • Build up an boarding process
  • Provide consistent feedback

Finding subject matter experts for B2B and particularly those who can write well is a challenging endeavor. However, industrial knowledge and experience with the particular audiences (mostly the organization size or role) are more pivotal for hiring freelance B2B writers.

You need to find a B2B content writer who knows precisely what this audience is looking for and what type of language will turn them off from reading.

By taking time to evaluate writers, utilizing a multi-faceted way to deal with sourcing talent, and guaranteeing writers have all the fundamental resources to make the quality content your audience expects, you’ll soon amass a capable team. It will assist you with surpassing your wildest content creation objectives.

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