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Top 5 Web Development Technologies


The world we’re currently living in today revolves around technology. Businesses have adopted the latest digital tools and technologies and are undoubtedly leveraging them to the fullest. Websites, mobile apps, data & analytics, communication tools, repositories, and automation are just some of the things businesses are using to expand and connect with their customers. 

The technology industry is very much in demand, and the IT industry knows it! Which is exactly why more tools and technologies are emerging with every passing day to facilitate its consumers. This demand has even given rise to development automation tools as well as microservices like JFrog, and Spring Boot, among countless others, which are being used by IT solution providers.

Web Development is one of those segments of the IT industry that won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. And it also secures a large chunk of revenue within the software provision industry. In 2021, the market size for web development has been valued at $56,000 million.

Because web development is so much in demand, it only makes sense to enhance this market altogether. Below are some of the latest web development frameworks that are being used in web development at this moment:

  • Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have recently taken up the web development world by storm. It qualifies as a website that can work on mobile devices very effectively. Your products and services will be regularly updated for your customers to see as well. The most notable advantage of PWAs is that the application doesn’t have to be downloaded from a Google Play or an iOS App store. It can be installed directly from a website and can be browsed while being offline too! Faster page load times are another advantage; which is exactly why it’s being so widely used these days.

  • Voice Search Optimization:

If you’re thinking this sounds like SIRI or Alexa, you’re absolutely right. Voice assistants are taking over and it’s been forecasted that the application for voice search optimization will become a trend considering that IoT is coming into play. Smart home devices are already picking up on this.

  • MEAN Stack Development:

It goes without saying that the more interactive a website is; the more users would want to engage with it. MEAN stack is facilitating the development of websites that are highly interactive in nature by combining MongoDB, Express.JS, Node.JS, and Angular. JS. MEAN stack development is currently being used by many developers worldwide. 

  • Blockchain:

Blockchain is the buzzword these days among the masses. The first thing that comes to mind after hearing blockchain is that people can use this to make more secure payments; which is very true. Businesses are realizing the importance of transacting payments in a secure manner as well as safely sharing data through websites. Blockchain is allowing them to do just that. It also is eliminating the possibility of cyberattacks. As more and more businesses are porting towards this, the rise of blockchain developers is rising at the same pace.

  • Motion UI:

User experience (UX) lies at the crux of building a good website. This is where front-end frameworks like Motion UI come in. Motion UI is allowing businesses to fully responsive and highly interactive websites. This framework can be deployed on landing pages or your website’s overall content. From moving logos, to moving texts, there are no limits to creativity with this.

Why Web Development Technologies Matter:

You may opt for any technology overall if you’re looking at it just from a branding perspective. But if you want it to actually be functional and give you an advantage over your competition, you would want to dig a little deeper.

Some benefits of selecting the right technology are:

  • Easier Debugging: A good framework will allow improved code quality, as well as easier software maintenance and debugging. 
  • Responsive Coding Environments: Comprehensive frameworks for web development facilitate the building of scalable websites thanks to better code readability and reusability.
  • Security: Website security is always a top priority of all business owners. Innovative web development frameworks often, if not always, bring better cybersecurity. 

There are of course more website development technologies that can be used. Some prominent technologies these days include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. By learning user behaviors, you can definitely give users what they want. Single-page websites are also becoming a trend and are being adopted by businesses that don’t have a lot of content to show online.

Final Word:

Always invest time in choosing the right framework when building your website. It’s an investment that will definitely pay off in the longer run. 

Thinking of building a website? Now you know which framework to go with.


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