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Tips on Keeping Your Porta Potty Rental Business Up-to-Date

porta-potty rental business

The outdoor toilet industry helps ensure festivals, outdoor events, and construction projects have proper sanitation available for guests and workers. If you have a porta-potty rental business in Montgomery, you must keep it up-to-date to stay on top of the competition. Here are some key ways to do so.

Get the Best Equipment

porta-potty rental business

When it comes to your portable toilets, you need the best stalls available. Can you imagine the impact on your business if customers started reporting that your stalls are filthy and poorly laid out? They should always be clean and secure for patrons. Toilets should always easily lock from the inside for privacy and safety. Get more customers by investing in toilets with add-ons like sinks, accessibility handlebars, automatic air fresheners, etc. Consider the different climates and environments your toilets will be in.

Hire Staff

When you run your outdoor toilet business, you’ll need employees with various skills. You need people to maintain the toilets and make repairs as needed. Toilets have to be delivered to and removed from their locations. Customer service helps handle orders, answer questions, and solve problems. For finances, you need reliable people to handle customer payments and equipment purchases. Your city can affect how much you can expand locally. For example, Montgomery is the third most populous city in Alabama, after Birmingham and Huntsville. So, Montgomery may be a good location for an Alabama base that’s financially sound!

Go to Relevant Trade Shows

There are trade shows for those in the porta potty business. Go to these events to network with colleagues and see what the competition is doing. You can get a first look at the most updated equipment you can buy for your business and get supplier contacts.

Establish an Online Presence

76% of businesses are planning on long-term IT changes due to the Covid pandemic. What does IT have to do with portable toilets? For people to know about your services, the type of equipment and add-ons you have available, and how many stalls you can supply for each customer, you need to post that information online. Most customers look for service providers online, unless they already have a trusted referral. So, having a reliable IT staff and web development team can ensure your company information, events, and contact info are always available to those looking for a portable toilet service. Without an optimized website that loads quickly, you can lose a potential customer in as little as seven seconds.

Research the Competition

There’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye on your competition in Montgomery. Note what other successful portable toilet services are doing regarding equipment options, promotions, events, and more. You shouldn’t copy another business directly. Just see what they’re doing to gain and retain customers and how that can work for you.

Stay Organized

Running a business takes work and lots of multitasking, especially in the building stages. As you purchase inventory, process payments, do web analytics, hire subcontractors, and get permits, you’ll have tons of paperwork and contracts to handle. With so much going on, you should have a streamlined online process and physical filing system to keep all your documentation and research. If you ever have 10 or more employees at your business in the calendar year, you must keep OSHA injury and illness records. Keep those OSHA records in a designated file that you can quickly access when needed.

There are many ways to ensure that your porta potty rental business successfully stays up-to-date. Keep organized records, use the latest equipment, have an optimized website, and monitor the competition to ensure your business doesn’t fall behind others.


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