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Tantalizing New Home Construction Must Haves 

The beauty of designing your new home from scratch is that you can include whatever you want, so long as it’s not too dear, as the English like to say (that is, not too expensive). From an indoor water fountain to a home movie theater to state-of-the-art overhead garage storage solutions, nothing is left off the table when you’re in the design stages of a new home building

According to a new article on new home construction, even when you feel like you’ve covered all your bases when designing a new home, you might mutter, “If we could build it all over again….” 

To seek luxury home ideas in the early stages of home planning, you must conduct as much research as possible. It’s best not to leave the planning to a professional designer since you will be living in the home, not her.  

With that in mind, here are some tantalizingly good new home construction must-haves that you can enjoy for decades. 

An Interior Drinking Water Fountain

Says one design expert, an interior or indoor drinking fountain is said to be high on the cool and functional home design meter. If you have kids, installing a drinking fountain or fountains only makes sense, and it’s also not as expensive and complicated a project as you assume. 

You might consider installing a wall-mounted drinking fountain that’s not unlike the model you might find at a local high school inside your home’s mudroom. You can accomplish this for around $2,500 for both a basic unit and a professional installation. 

However, if you wish to go the extra mile, you can add a water fountain with a “touchless bottle station.” The bottle stations on their own are said to cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500, depending on the make and model. It’s best to choose one with both bottle filling and drinking options.  

In the final analysis, you will save on plastic bottle waste, which is good for the environment. Plus the water it takes to wash the children’s water bottles daily. It also means less work for the parents. 

Also, water fountains are just really cool and fun. 

Add a Classic Double Sink in the Bathroom

Double or even triple-sized commercial sinks, like those offered by Kohler, are said to be seen in many new homes as of late. They are also considered a “statement piece.” The extra-large sink will add unexpected enjoyment to the bathroom. And as far as kids are concerned, make brushing their teeth and washing up a fun experience. 

The extra wide sink makes great sense for large families with many kids. The large sink is the perfect bathroom accessory for washing up before dinner. Since it contains double faucets and an extra wide cast iron basin sink. 

The Kohler model will cost around $2,000 and is said to come in a variety of colors, although you have the option of painting it to match your taste. 

Addition of Black Window Frames

Black window frames are considered a classic and a favorite among home designers. Some new homeowners might be hesitant to add them since they might seem trendy rather than timeless. But they are a very sharp and distinguishing addition to your home’s exterior, giving it a New England beachside ambiance. 

While white window frames are considered a “safe bet,” one popular home design blogger describes black frames as “putting lipstick on your house.” If you use black window frames against an all-white exterior. You will distinguish your house from the others that surround it since the contrast will be bold. This will make for excellent curb appeal, especially if you decide to sell one day.   

If you require blinds or curtains where you live for privacy. You should avoid using vertical blinds since they are said to compete with black frames. However, white drapes tend to look stunning. 

But if you live in a rural area, surrounded by trees, ocean, lakes, mountains. Or a combination thereof, black window frames will only add to nature’s grandeur and beauty.  

Install a Large Butler’s Pantry

Maybe you have no plans on hiring a real butler. But constructing a butler’s pantry is a luxury that also has tremendous utility. A spacious, walk-in butler’s panty with built-in shelves, countertops, and cabinets is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Especially if you have a big family and entertain often. 

If you have bulky appliances taking up space in your regular kitchen. You can shift them to the butler’s pantry, where they can be utilized at will. You can also store good kitchenware inside the pantry and a fully stocked bar. 


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