Rented character: What it takes to add character to neutral spaces

As any renters out there will testify, it can be a lonely world.

We’re by no means talking about your personal circumstances. Instead, we’re talking about what objects and decorations surround you in your rented apartment.

Quite often, the regulations around this are super-strict. Landlords are (rightfully, in some cases) desperate not to re-take ownership of their apartment and be met by bright yellow walls, picture hook holes in the wall, and a whole host of other changes that are a far cry away from the neutral they crave.

It means that your hands are almost tied behind your back.

Fear not, this is where today’s guide is going to come into play. We’re going to talk through several methods you can tap into in a bid to bring some life and character to your rented accommodation.

We’re going to start by delivering a tip which doesn’t change a thing in your apartment: talking. That’s right, talk to your landlord. While some will not be open to any sort of changes, others are more lenient. They might tell you the apartment has to be returned in its ‘original condition’, but for many people, this is a perfectly reasonable price to pay. Simply talk to your landlord and see what’s allowed and perhaps more importantly, what’s not allowed.

Once you have exhausted the above avenue, your first change should arrive via an order from Avas Flowers. Flowers can sprinkle magic in any environment, but in a neutral setting, the effect is amplified. Avas Flowers now serve most of the country, and this Avas Flowers Instagram page shows the impact that can be made. Magnolia walls might not be for many of us – but they can prove the perfect backdrop for a beautiful bouquet.

Next, we’re going to talk about more inventive solutions. Sure, you might not be able to hammer nails in the wall for pictures, but nowadays you don’t have to do such damage. There are now “stick pads”, which, as the name suggests, stick your frames to the wall. Granted, they can’t be too heavy, and you’ve also got to be conscious of going with a respected manufacturer so the paint doesn’t peel. However, in our experience, this is an ideal solution for getting around the ‘no frames policy’.

Next, let’s move to soft furnishings. By this definition, we mean anything like the following:

  • Throws for sofas
  • Cushions
  • Curtains (if there is already a curtain pole installed)
  • Rugs

In truth, the list really could go on. The big similarity with all of the above is that they are all that we class, ‘temporary’. They can be taken out of the property as soon as you leave, without any damage whatsoever. Perhaps, more importantly, is the bursts of color and character you can provide though. Suddenly, your floor, windows, and seating areas have been transformed – with some simple and cost-effective tricks.

Finally, let’s touch on an area that’s almost a little grey. While you can’t permanently change furniture that’s in your apartment, you can make temporary, smaller amends. For example, let’s look at cabinet handles. They generally just screw on and off, and as they’re so cheap to buy from a DIY store, this is a relatively quick change to implement. You can quickly turn an antique-looking cabinet into something much more modern – and then revert back when the time comes.

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