Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas with Small Investment in India

Business Ideas

Do you want to know about profitable business ideas with low investment? If YES, here are Top 10  profitable business ideas with small investment in india for startup business  


  1. Private Tuition’s:
    Private Tuitions

Education is very important in our life. Nowadays parents are also very aware that they give their children an excellent education and make their life good. There are many people in the city and village who are working to teach after finishing their studies and doing good with this profession. It is becoming difficult to get the right way for employment in the immediate time. For this reason many people are also living their lives through teaching. If you have a stock of knowledge then teaching is very bestest way to earn money.

  1. Cooking Classes:
    Cooking Classes

    If you know how to cook a variety of food or meals, then cooking classes is amazing way of earning. The person who does not know how to cook well and who wants to learn how to make a variety of dishes so they can come and join your classes. For this you need enough space for students or for cooking as well. To start cooking classes, you need some small investment. The loan facility is easily available near you.
  2. Yoga Class :
    Yoga Class
    Amongst the students, there are many career options in today’s time in which they can work according to their wishes. A similar career linked to the world of health is also in the fields of yoga.

Due to the continuous expensive medicines and treatments, people have begun to go towards ancient medicine and yoga. Foreign citizens are also coming to India to get treatment for depression and various diseases in view of the benefits of yoga. This career is not only for earning but also for fitness and well-being of its own. In order to teach yoga, knowledge of itself is more than the requirement of a degree, but it is necessary to open a Yoga Center and get a degree in professional form to come into this field.

  1. Blogging:

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and passions about any topic. Incidentally this is also an amazing way to make money online. There is a common belief in India that bloggers can not earn enough through online blogging. This is not true. There are many Indian bloggers who are earning millions from blogging. You can also earn good by blogging, just for this you have to work a bit. You will take a maximum of 3-4 months to earn from a new blog, but in the meanwhile you may have to work hard! Remember, the fruit of hard work is always sweet and also applies in the same blogging,the more effort you make, the more earnings you get.

  1. Vlogging:
    Uploading interesting videos to social media or other online platform is called vlogging. You can earn good money with Vlogging. For this, you just have to shoot interesting videos from your camera and upload it to the online platform. You will take a maximum of 3-4 months to earn from a new vlog.
  2. Youtube channel:
    Youtube channel

In this era of social media many people are also earning money through it. YouTube gives people money to be viral. While people are getting an opportunity to show their talent, they are getting very good earnings through this. However making money from YouTube is not a very difficult task. Anyone can easily earn money through it. For this, just have to create a channel on YouTube and take care of some important things.
You must have a YouTube channel to place videos on YouTube. You can make it by logging in with your Gmail ID. You can give your channel a name through the ‘My channel’ option. The name should be such that there is no channel already and it is also unique in itself.

  1. Photography:

If you are a good photographer then this is a great thing for you. You can earn a lot of money from your talent. You will only need a professional camera for this. And then you can earn money by doing fashion photography, wildlife photography, photo shoots etc. You can promote your photography through your social media, so that more people will know about your talent.

  1. Dance coaching:
    Dance coaching

If you are a good dancer and you know a variety of dance forms, so you can earn money by teaching dance to people. If you think you can dance really well or you’re a professional dancer and you are a master of one form then you can teach dance to young dance enthusiasts near you. Kids generally  have a really keen interest in dance and you can earn a decent amount of money through it.

9.Handicraft business:

Handicraft business

Handicraft has great importance in India. If you are a good handicraft artist, then you should bring this talent in front of people and promote yourself. You can also sell your handicrafts online too.

10. Food catering business:

This is a best way if you’re a housewife and wants to helps your husband earning a bit of money yourself. For the women who are not literate but an amazing cook this is a great business opportunity for you to start right now. Catering work means providing private party services, hostel tiffin services, VIP and general home services and office services. This work can be started easily in towns and cities. Catering is a regular service, which runs mostly from morning snacks to dinner. Tiffin count keeps on rising rapidly. This a great job for women who want to run their business from home.

So it is not that there can be no work at home. Just need to find and understand your talent. Last but not the least  “Hard work brings success”.

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