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Optimizing Your Amazon Product Listings 

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The convenience of online shopping cannot be matched. This has become increasingly clear through the recent pandemic restrictions. Consumers are able to compare large amounts of similar products at their pace all from the safety of their homes. In fact, just last year, there were nearly 2 billion unique online shoppers in the world. As such, it’s not particularly surprising to hear that online retail sales nearly surpassed $3.5 trillion dollars throughout the world in 2019. 

Amazon reigns supreme when it comes to online shopping experiences. They make up about half of all online sales around the world. Every month, close to 200 million users visit their site. These users have the option to surf through over 12 million different products that are supplied both directly from Amazon, and from a number of third-party merchant accounts. 

One of the reasons there is such a large number of these products being sourced from third-party merchant accounts is how easy it is to list a product to sell on Amazon. However, due to the amount of competition you’re bound to face, listing your products won’t necessarily mean you’ll sell them. In order to improve your chances of increasing sales, it is important to be critical of the product listing and all of its details, as well as how you plan to drive more traffic to it. This is known as optimizing the listing, which in turn has a chance to attract more customers to your product’s listing and increase its conversion rate. 

It’s clear that Amazon doesn’t mind this arrangement. They want as many customers as possible to find products, rather it be their own or the products of third-party merchants, and purchase them. Customers are led to the products that best match their search criteria through Amazon’s search algorithm, A9. This algorithm deems the best choice for each customer based on elements like the uniqueness of the listing’s title, the product description, and even the images and videos provided with each listing. In order to make your listing more likely to appear in someone’s search, consider refining each of the elements listed above. 

In addition to this, another strategy to boost your listing in these algorithms is to do some keyword research for consumers looking to purchase a product within your niche. Include these phrases in the listing’s description for increased traffic. For more tips on how to stand out on Amazon, check out the accompanying resource courtesy of Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions.

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