Operation Damage Control: Overcoming Setbacks

Setbacks occur on a regular basis in all parts of your life. The setback is not as important as how you respond during these challenging times. A rash decision professionally can impact your career for years in a negative manner. Talking through an issue with a trusted person that understands your professional goals is important. Avoid talking to coworkers as you don’t want your words twisted if they approach management with your issue. Even those you consider your friends might try to get the upper hand and use your trust to help them climb the corporate ladder. The following are tips to help you overcome setbacks in your professional life. 

Injured On The Job

Injuries do happen on the job when working in certain professions. The workers comp lawyer at notes,” You should report your work-related injury as soon as possible, otherwise, you may fail to get compensation. Delayed claims can be turned down for the simple reason that they were filed late. Then you should consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney. You can however, appeal the decision of the insurance company after the claim has been denied.”

An injury that occurs in your personal life can still impact your ability to work. Finding ways to stay afloat financially can allow you to focus on your quick recovery. Freelancing is a way that people earn supplemental income without physical exertion. Sitting at home while earning money can allow you to come back to work when ready rather than when you are at the brink of financial ruin. 

Losing A Job Unexpectedly

The pandemic revealed how fragile certain industries are. The number of people that lost steady jobs was staggering with businesses closing all over the world. The loss of a job can be immensely upsetting but you must resist the urge to act unprofessionally. Unprofessional behavior could impact employment opportunities you have in the future. 

Emergency funds are very important as you need to survive financially until you find another form of employment. Creating an emergency fund while you are employed is very important. If finances are tight, you can opt to freelance for some supplemental income. There is a demand for a wide variety of skills which can allow you to earn from the comfort of home. 

You could be terminated for illegal reasons so enlisting the help of an attorney can be important. Unfortunately, people are terminated without the right process being followed. Document everything to do with your job and email this to a personal email. You do not want to lose access to company accounts only to see your evidence disappear conveniently. Remember that HR is there to protect the company in most cases rather than the employee. 

Your Career Is Stagnant At Your Current Company

Staying at a job for years could allow you to realize your work is not valued. Being passed over for the same promotion you should have gotten years ago is a perfect example. Company loyalty for employees is overrated especially in the case where a company treats employees poorly. Looking for jobs can easily be done while you are gainfully employed. A steady job can make it easy to sift through offers and accept a job you are comfortable with. 

The digital age has come with so many advantages for a job hunter. You can apply to hundreds of jobs easily with various platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn. Looking on LinkedIn can also reveal former colleagues that work with new companies. Reaching out to a former coworker you have built rapport with can result in getting an interview. Employee referrals can be valuable as it can help an applicant jump to the top of the hiring list. 

Accused Of Harassment

Being falsely accused of anything is going to be something that can be very frustrating. A false accusation of harassment can be made for a variety of reasons. Accusations can be weaponized by those wanting to tarnish your reputation for their own personal gain. Documentation of all conversations and a refusal to speak alone with the accuser is very important. You do not have to sign anything and getting legal help could be required. The last thing you want is a false accusation impacting opportunities that you could be offered in the future. 

Setbacks in your professional life should not define your career for any period of time. Approach each situation with a clear mind and allow your brain rather than your heart to make the decision. Do not let a few setbacks deter you from your ultimate professional goals. 


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