Liu Qiangdong, Successful Tech Entrepreneur

Liu Qiangdong is among the most successful entrepreneurs in the technology industry, and he’s also well-known in the corporate world. He was born in China, 700 kilometers south of Beijing, in the barren coal area. He grew up in poverty in the small rural town of Chang’an, where they only ate sweet potato for a period of eight months and corn for the remaining four months of the year. His grandmother would go to the local landowner’s co-op and bribe the seller with peanuts to offer her the juiciest piece of pork available just once or twice a year.

The fat produced by the pig would then be saved and used to flavor various foods all year round, and Qiangdong would marvel at the village head’s house, which had many racks of pork, and dream of one day being able to give pork to everyone in his town. He completed his higher academics in two years, earning his master’s in business administration while also advancing through the ranks at his employment and becoming the director of computers and service.

Liu Qiangdong utilized the money he earned from computer programming to buy a phone and a computer and build a new home for his parents in their hamlet and invest in a restaurant that initially was profitable but came to fail. Qiangdong chose to try business again, this time with a 4-square-meter booth under one of Zhongguancun’s huge technical bazaars, equipped with his new degree and managerial skills garnered during his experience at the herbal supplement company. By the end of that year, he’d done the math and decided to shut down his retail locations permanently and focus solely on the internet. He created the website’s coding independently and started staying at his workplace to save cash.


Richard Liu has seen it all, done it, and polished the process, while many huge organizations are starting to grasp the vast benefits of putting their operations online. Long when his entrepreneurial drive took over his work life, Richard Liu began creating his internet empire by honing his computer programming skills and knowledge during his free time.

Richard’s entry into the online platform began years back, even before the period his competitors began. This then led to his company,, being recognized internationally. is known for offering almost everything from fresh foodstuffs to luxury apparel to a large group of consumers.

He had a good eye for generating growth inside the web sector as the company’s Director of Computers. He experienced ongoing success within the traditional brick-and-mortar business paradigm by successfully establishing various outposts of his company, Jingdong, all through the region.

However, during China’s SARS crisis, he witnessed rising numbers of individuals trying to shop without leaving their homes and saw the potential benefits of bringing his activities online. Richard Liu ‘s choice to take the company online paid off quickly, allowing him to be aggressive in the rapidly rising e-commerce sector while also allowing the company to improve its technologies. Whereas competitors were only getting started with internet retail, Liu’s had over 300 million users worldwide hence becoming amongst the largest Chinese firms listed on the NASDAQ; this demonstrated its global reach.

Not only did this allow them to better manage the supply chain from warehouse to customer’s doorstep and provide unmatched customer service from start to finish, but it also allowed them to enter the market of initially underserved third and fourth-tier cities, such as the ones where Qiangdong grew up in. Qiangdong is now concentrating on the continued development of proprietary platforms and innovative technology to deliver a consistent client experience.

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