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Jennifer Couture- winning social media campaign  

Jennifer Couture knows exactly what it takes to make a small business “click.”

A social media marketing campaign can transform any small business. The Fort Myers-based stylist and licensed cosmetologist has owned and operated her own salon for over 20 years. In addition to her certifications as both a master hair extension and color correction specialist, Jennifer Couture keeps her social media pages on point too.

But she can help spruce up your online presence too. Drawing on her own experience, Jennifer Couture lists eight tips for creating a digital campaign.

Identify the goal

Ask yourself about the motivation behind your social media campaign. Are you building brand awareness? Acquiring new leads? Trying to generate more sales? Increasing engagement? The answer should define your entire social media strategy and drive every decision you make. Align your content with your business objectives by setting specific, realistic goals.

Know your audience

Converting followers into customers is impossible without your message reaching the right audience. Target and tailor your content so that it resonates with your key demographic. Jennifer Couture considers looking at age, gender, and income data as starting points.

Pick your channel

Not every social media channel will yield the same results. Use the buyer persona you’ve created as a guide. Likely, your target demographic will favor certain platforms over others. Then, review your own online traffic from previous posts. This allows you to see where most leads are coming from.

Find inspiration

Jennifer Couture encourages you to find your voice. But there’s no need to reinvent the wheel either. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas. As you scroll over popular social media accounts, she recommends making mental notes of things you like and can adapt for your own brand.

Craft content

A picture is worth a thousand words. Even if you only have 140 characters, images and visuals resonate much louder than text alone. Search for online tools that offer free or cheap image libraries. Yet there’s no need to produce all of this content yourself. Share, re-tweet, and curate content from other sources to sustain and extend your digital footprint.

Set a schedule

Social media needs to become part of your routine. Often, accounts lose followers with irregular or infrequent posts. Consistency is key. Whether you have an entire social media team or doing it by yourself, establish a specific schedule. Posts must be spaced out evenly and published at optimal times. Jennifer Couture advocates for a minimum of one post every day, mixing in a combination of unique and curated posts.

Analyze data

Like, follows, and mentions feel good, but the underlying metrics are more meaningful. Dig deep into engagement, click-throughs, and conversion rates. As Jennifer Couture points out, most of this data is easily accessible through web builders. And this information should be actionable. Use it to calibrate, update, and revise your approach.

Outsource when possible

Sometimes DIY doesn’t get the job done. Small business owners are already stretched pretty thin. There’s value in hiring an outside consultant to handle your online presence. A professional social media manager can devote more time and energy, freeing you up to handle more pressing matters.


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