Infor Custom Development Tools for Small Businesses  


 Infor offers many technology solutions and support throughout the lifecycle of products and services. It caters to industries like manufacturing, consumer, healthcare, distribution, hospitality, service industries and even big players like energy and natural resources.

Suppose you are a small business in the food and beverage or retail industry looking to adopt the solutions offered by Infor. In that case, you could leverage the services of an Infor gold channel partner like ComActivity. A channel partner will help you bridge the gap between the solution and its actual implementation, considering the specific industry challenges you face.  

Let us look at some of the custom development solutions offered by Infor.


Infor Mongoose

With the Mongoose platform, you can create simple web applications or complex apps for your business and deploy them quickly. You can consider responsive design requirements and build an app that performs similarly on a desktop, tablet or phone. 

You can leverage the Mongoose platform to customise and create an app of any complexity with minimal coding, reducing both the time and effort taken to get the product to market. 


  • Fully integrated with other Infor solutions like Ming.le and ION
  • Pre-built features available for both browser and mobile deployment 
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Design high-end consumer UIs


Infor M3

ERP is one of the strongest suits of Infor, with them offering a cloud-based solution that can be customised according to industry types like manufacturing, distribution, fashion, food and beverage and equipment. 

The software aids in global financial visibility with support for over 25 languages and 50 countries. The homepage can be customised according to the role of the user for improved productivity. You can get in touch with a gold channel partner like ComActivity to know more about ERP solutions best suited to your requirement.


  • Built-in functionality according to the industry type
  • Pre-configured accelerators for quick implementation
  • Integration with other Infor and non-Infor solutions
  • Leverage the power of data with pre-built reports and dashboards


Infor ION

Gain enterprise-wide visibility with Infor ION. The Intelligent Open Network solution easily integrates Infor and third-party systems with a cloud-based middleware platform. 

If you have a complex network of enterprise systems in place, having difficulties communicating with one another, you can make it work with Infor ION’s integration capabilities. Moreover, if a single enterprise system is being upgraded, replaced or even fails, ION will ensure the action does not disrupt the entire network.


  • Improved exception management with custom workflows and alerts
  • Have a centralised view of the entire enterprise system
  • Keep a tab on business issues using your mobile device
  • Business user friendly, update processes without any IT involvement



Infor PLM

Infor PLM has been designed on the back of over 25 years of experience in the fashion domain. It is another cloud-based solution by Infor that offers seamless integration and intuitive tools for product lifecycle management. 

Owing to the industry expertise, core business processes like design, development, season lines, and consumer-driven design changes have been incorporated with the tool. It offers real-time collaboration among teams responsible for designing multiple collections and technical teams responsible for sourcing materials and delivery. 


  • Country-specific and multiple language support, improving collaboration among global teams
  • Personalised homepages, intuitive UI to enhance productivity
  • Responsive design can be accessed through desktop, tablets and phones


Technology can go a long way in identifying everyday obstacles, developing innovative features to counter such obstacles and simplifying the process of development and deployment. Infor provides a host of application development, AI, supply chain, ERP, and other advanced business intelligence solutions. 

An Infor gold channel partner with their industry and technology expertise, such as ComActivity, offers you the best solutions customised for your industry.  


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