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How to Keep On Track of Industry Trends in 2020

Industry Trends

In the ever-growing world of digital commerce aided by the COVID-19 pandemic forcing most businesses to build a strong online presence, it’s not easy to always be on top of things and getting ahead of your business competitors in the neverending race to success.

If your business has been online for some time now, you’ll notice that it’s success strongly correlates with being aware of the current trends and strategizing your business plan to take advantage of them.

However, in the fast-moving and highly competitive e-commerce, it’s tough to predict incoming trends. But, it’s still worth a try, and here are some of the best reasons and ways to do it.


Why you need to keep up with industry trends


It doesn’t matter if you already have an established online following or you’re just starting; keeping up with trends is very important so you can one-up your rivals in terms of jumping to the latest trends and building the interest of consumers for your products and services.

In the online world, nothing ever stays the same. What works for you now might not work in the next month, and you can’t control that. The only thing you can control is your effort to keep up with trends and prevent your competitors from getting ahead of you because the moment your online presence starts to fall; then it may well mean trouble.


7 ways to keep up with industry trends

  • Widen your horizon

Who makes the trends? It’s the people, the consumers, of course. Now, how do you know what these people are interested in? It’s by widening your horizon by expanding your feed.

For starters, you need to follow more people for you to get a feel of the current online landscape. Know what people like and what they might like in the future.

Also, because you can see more people, you can get many perspectives. Who knows, you might even find your next endorser, or you may stumble upon a fresh new market online for your business.

If there are particular online influencers in your industry, it’s best to keep a close eye on them as well so you can have an indicator of how things are and where they are going.

  • Listen to your team

Most likely, your team members are on social media and browse the feed during their free time. You can take advantage of this by talking to them, asking them about what they see online, and if they have read something that your business can use.

Also, you can try asking them if they have some interesting ideas. Why keep up with the trends when you can start it yourself, right?

  • Try watching videos and listening to podcasts online

If you have free time or you can listen to podcasts while working, you should try it. It doesn’t have to be actually by someone in the industry, as you can also get some great tips and ideas from successful people in other fields.

  • Use your connections

If you have connections in the industry, you should try to communicate with them. Exchange ideas, talk about trends and ask questions. You can’t do it all in-house. It’s an industry, many factors affect the trends, and you need all the help you can get. Also, it’s better to get accurate information from people who are really in the industry.

  • Go technical and use SEO

Keeping up with the trend is mainly about knowing what people are interested in and what they will be interested in in the future. It’s where search engine optimization (SEO) tools are highly useful. With SEO tools, you can learn about what people are searching for right now, and with good number crunching, you may even figure out what people will be raving about in the future.

  • Read up

If an article is published on industry and consumer blogs and magazines, probably, it’s because people will find it interesting. By reading more, you can learn more about what people want. Just make sure to check what you’re reading and that it’s from reliable sources.

  • If you want to know what your customers want, try asking them!

Well, you don’t have to ask them. All you have to do is talk to your customers and know their feedback. See what they like, what they think of your business, the ways you can improve, and what they expect in the future.

Whatever you do, ask your customers if they liked it or not. In that way, you can gauge what the market wants from you and direct your business strategy in that direction.

Also, by talking to them, you can make them feel your care for them. 


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