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How to Achieve Your Goals in Business, Personal Life, and More


Goals are what make the world turn – they have brought society this far and will continue to shape the future of humanity. 

Some people let their goals guide them to success, while others have a tough time getting started on their goals. According to a study from Forbes, only 8 percent of people achieve their goals. 

That means 92 percent of people fail to ever reach their goals.

Wanna be part of the 8 percent?

Keep reading this guide to discover helpful tips on how to achieve your goals and on your way towards the life you have always dreamed of living.


Hold Yourself Accountable

Sometimes while working for yourself, it’s easy to brush things off as not your fault or out of your control. Holding yourself accountable in these situations can push you further than you have ever gone before. 

It will keep you motivated and committed to crushing your goals one step at a time. An easy way to get started is writing everything down – from daily goals to quarterly, to year-end.

Getting in the practice of jotting goals down will give you a visual on how to proceed. As you complete your goals, you can cross them off your list or throw them out, whatever system you find works best for you. 

Physically seeing your goals being completed will show you how easily it can be done, and give you the motivation to complete the next one and keep advancing in life.


Set Specific Goals for Yourself

This may sound cliche, but it is one of the most effective ways of advancing in life and achieving your dreams. A goal should be motivational and something you look forward to completing. 

However, many people set these goals and never follow through with them or maybe think about them once in a while but never act upon them. That is why you need specific goals. 

If you have a big goal you are looking to accomplish, but it seems too big to even get started – it’s best to break it down into smaller segments. For example, say you want to get a particular job or start a new career. 

First, it’s important to assess where you are – do you have the necessary qualifications? If you don’t, this can be one of your smaller goals – to obtain the necessary qualification the job requires. 

After that, you can break it down even further. If you are looking to obtain a computer programming career – what computer language will you need to learn? Then, as you complete the goals, you will see how much more manageable your goals become.



SMART goals


One of the best ways to go about setting goals is through the use of SMART goals. SMART is an acronym standing for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Your goal should be specific in what you want to accomplish. The more precise you can get, the easier it will be to see a clear path to achieve it. Having measurable outcomes will allow you to see the progress you’ve made so far. 

Every goal has to be achievable, or you are setting yourself up for a letdown. However, dreaming big is not to be confused with having unachievable goals. 

Are your goals realistic? It’s important to ask yourself, is your goal relevant to the bigger picture?

Will you complete the goal in a month? A year? Having a time frame for your goal will make it easier to hold yourself accountable. To learn more about SMART goals, visit


Visualize Your Achievements

A visualization is a powerful tool that many extremely successful people have utilized in the past to get them where they are today, including people like:

  • Will Smith
  • Jim Carrey
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Lindsey Vonn
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

All of them have one thing in common – at one point in their careers, they decided what they wanted and visualized themselves in that situation. 

For example, Jim Carrey had a hard time at the early stages of his career landing a role. He was broke and struggling to get by when he decided to write a check out to himself for $10 million and carried it around as inspiration. It turns out when he landed his big role for dumb and dumber, he made $10 million for his acting.

Visualizing will not automatically achieve your goals for you. You will still have to put in the work. But, it can serve as motivation to help get you there.


Believe in Yourself

If goals were easy to complete then nothing would be worth achieving. That’s the whole point of having a goal – the achievement.

At some point during the process, things may get tough – Don’t. Give. Up. 

Knowing that 92 percent of people fail to achieve their dreams should push you further to complete yours. Believing in yourself is step one – if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you?

When things get tough, as long as you continue to have faith in yourself, you will continue to push through roadblocks that otherwise would set you back. It doesn’t matter if it is business goals, personal goals, or any other goals you might have. 

There was a study published in psychological science that showed how effective believing in yourself actually is. The participants were asked to complete a repetitive task several times over while scientists measured their brain activity.

The scientists noticed two electrical responses from the brain – when they made a mistake, and when they realized it and tried to correct it. At the end of the experiment, researchers questioned the participants asking if they believed they could learn from the mistakes they made. The scientists found at the end of the study that those who believed they could learn from their mistakes faired much better on the tasks. 


Looking for More Information on How to Achieve Your Goals?

There isn’t much better than the feeling you get when achieving your goals. One goal turns into two and three, and so on. It will take some hard work to get there – but by following these few tips, you too can achieve your dreams. 

If you are looking for more informative tips on how to achieve your goals, check out the rest of our website!



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