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6 Tips for Getting More Interior Design Clients

Interior Design

Being an interior designer is about the love of interior design and turning dull spaces into aesthetic havens. But as a business owner, other essential elements, like marketing, demand attention before you immerse yourself in the creative process.

Reaching out to potential clients can sometimes feel daunting, especially if you’re still starting out. But if you know what to do and commit to doing it consistently, you can conquer this challenge and watch your business soar to new heights. Here are some valuable tips to consider.

1. Showcase Your Work

People can’t contract you for work if you’re anonymous. You have to find a way to showcase your work and expertise. A great way to do it is to create a stunning online portfolio with the best previous projects you’ve handled.

Take people who visit your portfolio website through an exciting journey from the before to the after. Use high-quality images and detailed work descriptions to impress potential clients and convince them you’re the right interior designer to work on their next home remodeling or styling projects.

People love spending on their homes. Martinez Furniture Direct shares that furniture and other home pieces come third in people’s splurge list after a house and a car. Show them what they can have if they hire you.

2. Leverage Social Media

You can reach potential customers directly at your fingertips. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Houzz to share your work, engage with your audience, build a following, and run targeted ads.

You can connect with the people you want to work with on social media. According to Forbes, social media’s dynamic tools have helped many interior designers increase brand awareness, establish credibility and trust and connect with their audience. Don’t pass up the opportunity because social media management seems like a lot to take on. Hire someone to do it for you and devise a strategy to maximize its potential.

3. Collaborate With Influencers, Bloggers, Relevant Businesses, and Other Designers

There’s a saying: if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. The importance of partnerships can never be overstated. Partner with influencers or bloggers in the home and design niche to get your name out there.

Blogs prioritize adding value to their readers in terms of information, and in the process, they get to promote their services and gain exposure to their audience. The informational value you give doesn’t have to be super technical; you can share deco tips, get interviewed on specific aspects of home styling, or work with an influencer to transform one of the rooms in their home.

4. Offer Free Workshops or Webinars

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Everyone loves freebies! So host free workshops or webinars on interior design topics you love and think people will resonate with. People enjoy making their spaces beautiful and appreciate some tips and directions. According to This Old House, whenever you want to select a color to paint, always begin by looking around your home and then picking two to three colors from existing objects in your home. Giving simple yet effective tips like that is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and provide value to potential clients.

5. Network With Industry Professionals

There is such a thing as being at the right place and time. Networking gives you those kinds of opportunities; to meet the right people at the most opportune times. Always prioritize attending design events, trade shows, and networking events to connect with industry professionals and potential clients.

In these spaces, you’re already prepared to pitch yourself and your services; you’re dressed for the part and feel comfortable because you’re among your peers. You’ll learn from others, possibly forge partnerships, create new professional relationships, and leverage on associating with the big wigs in interior design.

Also, talk about these events on your social media, share your experiences, mention and tag people you met and post relevant pictures. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You’ll get mentioned and tagged, too, giving you more exposure and association credibility.

6. Ask for Referrals

Don’t be shy! Ask your satisfied clients for referrals or testimonials. The assumption here is that you provided exceptional services, and naturally, your clients want to sing your praises everywhere they go and to whoever will care to listen. Encourage them to do so and give them a few of your business cards to hand out whenever necessary.

Before you embark on any of the above tips, sort out a few preliminary things first. Have an organized plan or strategy to help you stay consistent and monitor progress easily. You can also choose to specialize. Focusing on one aspect of something is always easier than fumbling through twenty things. For instance, since over 12% of bathrooms have a modern aesthetic, you can focus on bathrooms and put all your energies into promoting that aspect of interior design.

Use these tips to get more interior design clients and grow your business. Good luck!

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